Suggestions: Thailand


1. Green House
Restaurant, Banglamphu
This is a very cool restaurant /guest house/ internet cafe. They have free wi-fi and a menu that pretty much covers every appetite. We really enjoyed the hummus that came with fresh and toasty pita bread. A little pricier than most places on Khao San but a good place to kill some time.

2. Street Pad Thai
Seriously don’t waste time sitting at a restaurant just watching people go by, instead grab some pad thai on the street and walk while you eat. You can’t get better bang for your buck than a plate of street pad thai. One with veggies & egg is about 30 baht. Vendors bring their carts out around 5pm, if you get it early enough there are different noodles to choose from, but they go fast! The spring rolls aren’t bad either.

3.Thai Cheewa Spa
61/2 Soi Rambuttri Rd., Phone: 02-629-4352
There are tons of spas to choose form in the Banglamphu/Khao San Road area and they all are pretty competitive with their pricing. We really just stumbled into this place because they had a special for a pedi & mani for 200 baht. That’s a pretty good deal and the girl that did my pedicure did a great job. I got it done right before I we left for the South and over three weeks later the polish still looks good. They also offer a 1 hour Thai Massage for 180 baht, in a really nice air conditioned room above the main salon. Most importantly everything in the salon is clean. They make it a point to use cleaning solution on all of the pedicure tools and before my massage she lay out fresh towels on the bed. Do I need to give you anymore reasons to pamper yourself?

4. Mathu-Rose Restaurant
Samsen 4, Soi Phrasawat Phone: 02-776822055
This restaurant is a little off of Khao San Road, probably about 2-3 minutes walk, but the incredibly friendly staff and delicious food at reasonable prices is a great excuse to take a break from the hustle and bustle of that busy street. The Pad Thai, although easily found in a street stall for half the price is served in a generous portion and rather than mixing in the egg they make an omelette which they serve the Pad Thai inside of. If it’s not too hot sit outside and people watch, they also have free wi-fi to help you pass the time.

Koh Phi Phi

1. Sunshine Pizza
Near Ao Loh Dalum
We never got a chance to try this pizza but we walked by it on our way to our guest house several times a day and each time they were hand-making fresh pizzas. The slices are huge, more like 2 slices, that are a bargain at 80 baht.

2. Italian Restaurant
Across from Dojo Bar, near Ao Loh Dalum
Unfortunately we’ve racked our brains and still can’t remember the name of this restaurant but it is directly across from Dojo Bar in the middle of the tourist village found between Ao Ton Sai & Ao Loh Dalum. This place had a great special for pasta and we went after a long and tiring day of snorkeling and swimming. It was very busy and everything looked good. We both got different types of seafood pasta, and they were both amazing! Super fresh seafood, and perfectly seasoned sauces. Delicious food, great prices and large portions. If anyone figures out the name of this place please let me know!

Koh Samui

1. The Loft Samui
Chaweng Beach,
I found a flier for this place when I arrived in Bangkok and I ended up carrying it around with me until I got to Samui almost 3 weeks later. I’m really glad we were able to stay here because the prices were ridiculously reasonable. We were able to take advantage of a special promotion where we got breakfast for two every morning and a nice large size en-suite room with fan and t.v. for 600 baht. I’m sure prices go back up during high season but during low season this was a great promotion and the breakfast was big and hearty which is a great way to start the day. Our room was one of the lower-end ones but in the main building there are rooms that might have views of the beach depending on how high up they go, the beach is literally a 2 minute walk from the hotel. We were just happy to have a small porch to sit on in front of our room.

Koh Phangan

1. Mr K / Chicken Corner
Haad Rin Nok, opposite Mama’s Schnitzel
OK, I can’t understand why Mama’s Schnitzel was always packed when you could go across the street, really just a few steps, and get a huge soft baguette (or pita) toasted in a Quizno’s style oven and filled to the brim with yummy chicken, onions, tomatoes and lettuce for the same price! I know this place is meant to be more of a grab-n-go place but we loved sitting inside the food stand/convenience store at one of the two tables to enjoy our sandwiches or banana-nutella pancakes. We also love the official Mr. K restaurant next door. All the food is super cheap and Thai or otherwise everything is good, even the burritos!?! The owner or manager was also always asking for suggestions for movies to put on, and it was a great place to sit out the rain no matter what you were watching.

Chiang Mai

1. Rux Thai Guest House
Kotcharsarn Road, Soi 4,, e-mail:,
phone: 053-208737-9
Our guest house in Chiang Mai initially seemed a little off the beaten path but it’s actually right around the corner from most things. Chiang Mai is so small that it’s easy to walk from this guest house to the Night Market or even as far as Wat Phra Singh, it’s all easily less than 2 km. The rooms and bathrooms are large with t.v., A/C, and reasonably priced mini-bar. It’s also in close proximity to many restaurants and bars. The staff is friendly and clean rooms daily leaving fresh towels and soap.

2. Thai European Food & Bar
Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai
This restaurant like most at the night bazaar, has very reasonably priced food with a cheese pizza starting at 70 baht and pad thai with chicken or prawns at 40. We ordered thai food and found that the flavor and spice were spot-on for both of our dishes. The portions were huge and service was super fast. I’m sure there are a lot of places to choose from at the Night Bazaar but this place definitely stands out.

3. Coffee Day Restaurant
Loi Kroi Road, Chiang Mai
This place is a restaurant and guest house. We stopped in to pick up a quick breakfast and when my sister ordered her banana pancake we were pleasantly surprised to see a thick fluffy American pancake with maple syrup, rather than the more common (and equally delicious) thin crepe-like pancakes. If you’re looking for a pancake to sink your teeth in to definitely check out this place. Quick and friendly service, although a little steeper in price.


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